Who can purchase?

Non-US Citizens and Non US green card holders may purchase the Dian insurance. The eligibility for purchase is different. Please check plan's brochure to determine if you are eligible for purchase or contact Dian customer service.

How to buy?

Click plan's online buying or individual buying or group buying. We only offer online purchase.

How to pay?

You can use any debit card or credit card that has Visa, Master, American Express or Discovery's logo on it.

How long will it take to receive the fulfillment?

After completing the payment, you will get a confirmation email immediately. Click the link in email, you can download your electronic ID card and Fulfillment you need.

What should I do if my payment was declined?

You should check with the reasons for a declined payment below:

  1. Check the electronic signature on the payment page, it should be the same as the name on the credit card.
  2. Check the limit amount of the credit card.
  3. Some banks need to be notified in advance when you make a credit card charge in foreign websites. You may need to call the number on the back of your card to tell them this is a genuine charge.
  4. Check the billing address. You need to fill in the address that your credit card bill is sent.
If your problem is still not be solved, please contact us.

How to find a doctor?

In non-emergency situations, we recommend you search a nearest preferred hospital in PPO network. You need to call the hospital to make an appointment. When you visit you need to show your ID card and tell them your network (First Health network or Aetna Network). If you want to get more information of your PPO Network, please see our website – customer service – find doctor or hospital.

How to correct my information?

You can update the insured name, address, gender, telephone, E-mail address, mailing address etc by sending email to the relevant policy department. Please see the customer service part in our website.

How to choose the effective date of my plan?

You can choose an effective date freely, but not earlier than the date you purchase the plan. If your school or organization doesn't request a specific coverage date, J1 visa holders may choose the date showing in the DS2019 form. F1 international students may choose the date according to the date of SHIP insurance Plan provided by your school. B2 visa holders may choose to take effect on the day you go abroad.

Can I renew my coverage when my plan has expired?

If the plan is expired, you can not extend it. But you can purchase a new plan.

Can I change the maximum or deductible option when I renew my plan?

It can't be changed, but you can buy a new one when current plan has expired.