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$73.0 per month
  • Daily premium calculation
  • 80% Coinsiurance in network
  • No copay at SHC
  • No deductible at SHC
  • Unlimited Maxmium benefit
  • Covere suicide or attempted suicide condition
  • Access to Aetna Network in US
  • Support multilingual e-commerce systems

All international, full-time students enrolledin and attending a recognized higer education institute outside of their Home Country. Students must actively attend classes. Home study, correspondence, and online courses do not fulfill the eligibility requirements that the student actively attend class. Students who are United States citizens living in the United States are not eligible for coverage. OPT students are not eligible.

Lifetime maximum Unlimited
Annual maximum Unlimited
Co-insurance in network 80%
Co-insurance out-of-network 60%
Deductible in network $500
Deductible in non-network $750
Out of pocket in network $5,000
Co-pay in ER (waived if admitted) $300
Pre-existing condition waiting period No Waiting Period
Preventative care 100% in Network
Medical evacuation Unlimited
Repatriation Unlimited