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Waive or Not

Some universities will allow students to purchase off-campus insurance to replace the health insurance provided by the school (Waive), but there are exceptions. We don't judge because each one has pros and cons. Students who choose DIAN Insurance because it is cheaper than school insurance and has appropriate benefits. However, when choosing an insurance product, you must consider whether it contains a flu vaccine or whether a minor accident can be fully covered. Based on the past claims ratio, claims for accidents or illnesses are much less than students expected. Therefore, most students will  choose products with low insurance premiums. However, it is not a correct judgment to choose an insurance product with a low payout ratio or a limited maximum payout unless you are so confident to your health condition. Make sure to compare whether the school plan can provide adequate insurance benefits before choosing a plan.

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How to choose best plan

According to the survey, when American nationals choose health insurance, the priority order is: insurance premiums, benefits and prescription drugs, hospital network, deductible, easy to see a doctor, and the popularity of the insurance company. It is not much different from the health insurance provided by the school. For international students, the factors to consider are: insurance premiums, welfare, deductible, and hospital network. DIAN advice customers that you should first consider whether the product can adequately cover their physical condition, range of activities (check the exemptions), and then choose an appropriate deductible, because choosing an appropriate deductible will bring the most benefits to customers and insurance companies than just choosing low-cost insurance products  For example, in the Blue plan, more than 50% of students chose Blue 500. This fully shows that Blue500 can continue to maintain a good balance of benefits and insurance premiums.

*Most important considerations for Americans in Choosing a plan from a health insurance company as of 2016

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How to buy insurance

All of DIAN's plans are conducted online, and you can sign up for it in your home country and the United States. From consultation (Live Chat-E-mail-Phone), registration and insurance certificate are processed over the Internet. For the students and scholars (J visa), you can first search for a school and then register for the appropriate plan. Premium payment can only be made by credit card and electronic transfer. Electronic transfer (ACH) does not incur charges for future plan changes or cancellations, but is limited to US bank accounts only. If there are no search results, the school may does not allow waivers or our plan does not meet them waiver. For more information, please contact dian@dianins.com or +1) 888-298-6981. Once payment is made, you will receive your insurance certificate within 30 seconds. If the certificate does not arrive by email, please contact us.

Our insurance is a one-year repurchase plan; therefore it does not automatically renew. 

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How to apply for Waiver

After successfully applying for the insurance, our customer will receive the insurance confirmation and insurance card via email. The information required to waive the school insurance can be confirmed by the information attached to the email.
For most schools to waive insurance requirements, you can refer to relevant documents in My Account. If there is no corresponding document, please contact +1)888-298-6981 and we will help you to complete it.

After you successfully waive the school insurance, you do not need to pay the insurance premium from the student account. If you have already paid, the school will refund it to you.

If the school refuses your waiver request, we will fully refund the insurance premium to you.

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Sickness or accident

After purchasing the insurance, please search for the nearby internal medicine or Urgent care center. If you know a doctor who can speak Chinese beforehand, it's convenient for you in future medical consultations. Compared with the PPO network, the medical institution that is the student health center. Almost all of Dian's insurance plans can exempt Copay and Deductible, and the Student Health Center will also reimburse HPV, Flue and other vaccines on the same basis as PPO. (NYU, Temple, U. Conn, Brown, U. Florida, and Penn States and other school health centers provide direct billing services through the EHIM pharmacy network.) Emergency Room (ER): The first aid standard in the United States is life-threatening. Therefore, severe pain, dysmenorrhea, and vertigo are often excluded in the first place even if they go to the emergency room, and it takes a long time to receive treatment, which leads to a very high deductible. In response to this situation, there is a medical institution that can be visited 24 hours a day. Urgent Care Center: Situation is not urgent, but if you feel severe pain or fracture, you can visit without making an appointment. Compared with multiple emergency rooms, you can receive treatment without waiting for a long time, and the compensation ratio is almost the same as that of other diseases/injuries. If you have any needs, please contact +1-855-773-7810, which is available 24 hours a day throughout the year to provide guidance in multiple languages.

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How to use Network(UHC/EHIM)

DIANins plans are served by two networks( UHC Option PPO & EHIM). you should submit the insurance ID card first in order to visit a doctor or any facility.

You can search a doctors and hospitals at 
UHC Option PPO
You can search by entering a hospital or symptom, or find a doctor (People) or hospitals (Places). For example, when searching for primary care (PCP) doctors by distance you can see ♥♥ and ♥ list. When visiting a doctor with two hearts ♥♥, you can reduce the unpredictable your payment.

The pharmacy network provide the cashless service through EHIM. You can search nearby pharmacies even before purchasing insurance.
In most schools, Vaccine services are available at EHIM network pharmacies. A detailed list can be found at My Account. If you do not have a pharmacy list, please contact us at +1) 888--298-6981 or dian@dianins.com.

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General claim information

1. When you arrange the appointment with a doctor, you'd better to see if the doctor belong to UHC Option PPO. The doctor will claim your bill to the insurance company directly after charging your expense(copay and coinsruance).

2. If you visit non-PPO or a doctor in other country, you should pay first after medical treatment and then you can make a claim at My Account. the processing time will be done within 2 weeks . To avoid of excessive your charge, you should arrange with two hearts(♥️♥️) doctors on UHC Option PPO.

3. Pre-authorization: you may have to get the pre-authorization either medical or prescriptional reason. 
You must call 1-855-773-7810 for medical pre-authorization that requires surgery or transfer to another hospital by a doctor. For pre-approval for prescription drugs (mainly for high-priced drugs), you must call +1-800-311-3446 and in some cases you may need to get pre-approval several days in advance. Through consultation, the doctor or customer will explain why you require that drugs.

4. Teladoc will send you an email including an access ID after the insurance takes in effective in order for you to receive a prescription for the necessary medication over the phone or video call.

5. Vaccination(preventive care); you can get the vaccine which is recommended by CDC in Student Health Center or EHIM network without paying copayment.

6. If you have any questions about other general insurance benefits, please call +1) 855-773-7810 listed on your insurance card or contact Conciergecare@payerfusion.com. Our 24/7 hotline may be available in multiple languages including Chinese, Korean and Spanish.