We are announcing 2022 scholarship awardees announcement.


Happy to announce 20 awardees today.
Many applicants could not included this list despit of perfect performance. we are so sorry not to add you on this list.
No matter how much time we spend on selecting awardees, we know we have missed many good applicant every time.

* Below students should submit the academic transcript by October 7, 2022

Warmest regards,


DIANins Global

Name Last 4 digit of mobile(Tel)
Yundi Dinig 0618
Haonan Sun 9645
Yanlong Chen 7213
Zitong Shi 1554
Xintong Ji 2728
Haotian Zong 4184
Fanshu Sun  1916
Shaoming Zhai 2208
Pui Gin Li 8065
Tianyi Chen 8652
Wenhao Huang 8078
Haoran Shu 8630
Dielan Wu 2345
Zeyi Song 2277
Ningfei Sun 4024
Yanyan Yang 6070
Kaiyuan Hu 4086
Jieyu Fan 5853
Kai Han 5181
Yufei Liu 6679
Yueyue Long 8464
Qi Qi 0961