Find Doctors and Hospitals

If you are sick or injured, please go to the Student Health Center of your school first. The appointment is convenient and the charges are reasonable for students. If you are not near your school or your condition cannot be resolved at the health center, please visit the UnitedHealthcare Global Primary PPO Network to search medical service providers, make appointments in advance and bring ID cards to visit. Get services through the medical providers in network, you will get lower prices and higher compensation.

We use a network of pharmacies supported by EHIM, allowing you to get access to more than 62,000 pharmacies and use ID cards to get the medicines in directly billing.

Also, we provide Teladoc online consultation service for DIANins clients. You can consult doctors or experts in real time by phone or video 24/7.

UnitedHealthcare Global Primary PPO Network

Search the UnitedHealthcare Global Primary PPO Network to find a physician/hospital/other facility.

Search the UnitedHealthcare Global Primary PPO Network to find therapists & psychiatrists.


Search for the provider from Passport to Healthcare Primary PPO


EHIM pharmacy network

Get access to our EHIM pharmacy network of more than 62,000 nationwide pharmacies.

Teladoc services

Get access to 24/7 Teladoc services to talk to a doctor, or medical expert anywhere in the USA by phone or video.

If your plan names are Atlas America(ATA Plan), you can go to the UnitedHealthcare Network to search a doctor in US, please contact us to get detailed guide for claim.