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$49.9 per month
  • Preventive care 100% cover like HPV or Flue up to $250
  • Pharmacy expense is directly billed(except appliable copay)
  • Telehealth service via Teladoc
  • Medical bill is charged to company directly in Network except your costs
  • Maternity coverage is included
  • Serviced by one of the biggest provider, UHC
  • Great valued plan against competitive price

1. J1 valid visa holder. (An F1 visa holder on OPT is not eligible); or 2. Undergraduate student registered for and attending classes on a full-time basis; or 3. Graduate student; or 4. Scholar or researcher who is invited by an educational organization; or 5. Student involved in education, educational activities, or research related activities.

Lifetime maximum Unlimited
Maximum per sickness/injury $250,000
Co-insurance in network 100%
Co-insurance out-of-network 80%
Deductible in network $0
Deductible in non-network $0
Co-pay in ER (waived if admitted) $250
Co-pay in SHC $5
Pre-existing condition waiting period 12 months
Preventative care 100% upto $250
Medical evacuation $50,000
Repatriation $25,000