Find Doctors and Hospitals

IF you are sick or injured, please visit the school's student health center first, because it easily makes appointment and the fees are reasonable. If your school does not have a student health center, then please search in-network doctor or hospital on the ppo network, make an appointment and bring along the ID card with you.

Dian uses 2 ppo network, which are Aetna and First Health. Confirm your network information based on your insurance plan name.

aetna logo

Tel   1-800-414-0596

BDIANins Blue
FDIANins Field
NDIANins Nature
CDIANins Cloud
GDIANins Green
TDIANins Travel
ODIANins Option

aetna logo

Tel   1-800-914-5333

WDIANins White
BDIANins Brown

If your plan names are Atlas America(ATA)/Student Secure(SS)/Patriot Exchange Program(PEP), above information is not suitable for use, please contact us for detailed claims guide.