Accident or Sudden Illness Tips


Tip 1: Emergency (Urgent Care Center > Emergency Room)

If your situation requires timely treatment, please check the Urgent Care Center (UCC), where there is no need to make an appointment, the charges are reasonable and timely treatment. Try to give priority to UCC within the network, because insurance company can help you pay more reimbursable expenses.

If your situation is life threatening, go directly to the Emergency Room(ER). However if your situation is NOT life threatening, the emergency room nurse usually does not arrange a direct treatment, will priority treat more serious patient, and once your situation is not serious enough to be hospitalized, you will need to pay more emergency Room costs, the US emergency room costs are quite high, so please determine the severity of your condition, and then decide whether to go or not to go to the emergency room, which will greatly affect your costs.

Tip 2: Non-emergency (Student Health Center > Clinic or Hospital in Network)

If you are sick or injured, please go to the Student Health Center (SHC). The SHC is usually on the campus, easy to make appointment and the fees are reasonable, also less deductible and copay.

When the school does not have a SHC, visit clinic or hospital in network first.

Tip 3: More Benefits In Network (In Network > Out of Network)

We use the UnitedHealthcare Global Primary PPO Network. Click here to confirm your network and find in network doctors and hospitals. You can find the network information directly on your ID Card. After made appointment, do not forget to carry ID Card to see a doctor, log in to My Account can download electronic version of ID card, hospital receptionist will be based on your ID card to verify your Network and insurance information.

Benefits of visit clinics or hospitals in network:

  • Negotiated Rates, your network will help you get the lowest price with the hospital.
  • In reimbursable expenses, you pay less deductible, but also get a higher reimbursement ratio (coinsurance).
  • Directly Billing, the network hospital can contact directly with the insurance company to reimburse the cost, do not need you to pay all the medical expenses in advance.